Fix SSD med S11 fejl (firmware fejl) Question

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Fix SSD med S11 fejl (firmware fejl) #154
Følg nedenstående vejledning..
Det virkede allerførste gang jeg prøvede, men bagefter er det ikke lykkedes.

OBS! Jeg tror måske man skal starte forfra hver gang, dvs. følge hele proceduren med den defekte SSD monteret, og IKKE bare tilslutte en ny SSD, eller køre den eksisterende FW.EXE, måske skal man ligefrem slette den eksisterende FW.EXE, inden man går i gang.
Slet evt. begge mapperne, og udpak nye fra zip filerne, så er der helt sikkert ikke rod fra tidligere forsøg--

Jeg har hele opsætningen og filerne til at ligge på en Fujitsu st. pc, som står ved mit bord.

Vejledning fundet her (rimelig langt nede på siden):

Note: It is recommended to do the procedure on windows installed in AHCI mode!
You MUST perform the procedure with the SSD plugged into a SATA connection, in USB mode it will not work!

1 - Download these two files, one of the files has all the firmware available on the usbdev website, the other file is a program to generate the executable that will make the update:
* s11-flasher -
* firmware_ps3111 - http://http//

2 - Extract the folders.
3 - Inside the "firmware_ps3111" folder, search for the firmware corresponding to your SSD or the closest one you have, copy this file and paste it in the "s11-flasher" folder, then you must rename the firmware to (fw.BIN). [for example if the label on the SSD reads "SBFK71B1", then the firmware that you must pick is "SBFK71F1"]

4 - Run "s11-flasher2-micron.cmd" WIHTOUT administrator privileges: it will generate the executable fw.exe.
5 - You can connect the SSD directly inside the Laptop, perhaps through the CD bay or another SATA free interface. It is not recommended to try Hirens Boot but you can try; remember that AHCI must be enabled in the BIOS. It is also strongly not recommended to use SATA to USB adaptors because the procedure may fail: use a SATA interface.

6 - Run the file fw.exe (this one WITH administrator privileges) and it will write the firmware on the SSD, so you have to select the device that is marked as SATAFIRM S11, click on Upgrade Firmware and wait ... It is recommended before doing this step that all applications are closed and the Antivirus is turned off.

7 - When finished, you must perform a power cycle of the SSD ("disconnect SATA power cable only, not data"), wait 5 seconds and turn it on again (this with the PC turned on), after turning on the SSD, restart the computer to recognize the SSD.
8 - Go to Disk Management, probably opening this part of Computer Management will already ask you to inizialize the disk, click to inizialize it and after that, create the partition in the desired format.

If you need help I did a video trying to explain too:
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