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Adgangskode til netværksdrev #159
Nogle gange vil Windows ikke huske adgangskoden til et netværksshare, en måde at løse dette er følgende:

Åbn server adresse via stifinder (brug ip adresse), e.g. skriv adressen sådan her: \\, når du bliver spurgt om adgangskode, prøv at inkludere ip adresse (serverens) i brugernavnet, e.g.\jensen vælg (højreklik på) herefter de/den mappe du vil oprette et share for, og vælg opret netværksdrev..

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Uddrag fra originalt svar:

What does the Credential Manager say the username is? I ask because of this situation I've had: in the past, when I saved credentials, I'd type the username and password, and it'd successfully login to the shared folder. However, when I looked in the Credential Manager, what I typed and what was actually saved were two different things.

Example: say my domain was named "MyDomain," the server that had the share was named "theserver," and the username to the share was named "myuser." When prompted for the username and password to the share, I'd type "myuser" for the username and type the password. It worked. However, when I look in Credential Manager, it changed the username to "MyDomain\myuser." In other words, it attached the name of the domain to the beginning of the username. The problem is that "myuser" was not a domain account; it was a local account on "theserver." When I restarted the computer, the saved username and password didn't work.

I fixed this by typing the username like this: theserver\myuser. When I did this, Credential Manager did not incorrectly attach my domain name to the beginning of the username.

Similarly, if I connect to the share using an IP address, I type the username as X.X.X.X\myuser

I am guessing that if you don't type the server name in front of the username, Windows always assumes the username must be a domain account. What's weird, though, is that if that is the case, why does it successfully work the first time you connect to the share? So weird. There must be two different processes at work here that work differently from each other.
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