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Remote Desktop til server virker ikke #55
Følg nedenstående vejledning, der hvor der står "terminal services" skal du istedet for vælge Remote "Desktop Services", ikke helt sikker på navnene, men jeg fandt ud af det via nedenstående vejledning på en SBS 2011, man skal bare vælge std. for ny forbindelse, jeg valgt at sætte samtidige forbindelser til unlimited..

If the question is pertaining to Windows server Remote Desktop Administration then I got your solution.
When you try to connected via Remote desktop (rdp) to a server (DOES NOT CONNECT)

You made sure:

1. My computer-> properties-> Remote (tab) -> “Allow users to connect remotely to this computer” is enabled and you have access to the computer.
2. You made sure the RDP port is 3389 at registry location: HKLKM\system\currentcontrolset\Control\Terminal Server\WDS\rdpwd\tds\tcp
3. You tried to telnet to the port and it does not connect. (telnet 3389(
4. you have restarted the server.

At this point -> don't bother with anything else. (Solution is below)
1. Go to (Start-> Program-> Administrative tools-> Terminal servervices Configuration -> Connections and delete RDP-RCP!
2. Right click on Connections folder (on the left column) and create new connection!
(Next-> Microsoft RDP 5.2 -> Next -> (Client Compatible) -> (Use Remote control with default user settings) -> Next -> Name: (RDPRCP) Transport type (TCP) -> Next ->All Network adapters-> Next -> Finish. Telnet now, it should work, if not restart the server.

Also make sure you set the right port back in the registry path above / or whatever port you are using

that will fix any RDP issues. ​
2 years 10 months ago

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