Fjern PC/Bruger fra domæne UDEN at miste bruger data (Outlook profil m.m.) Question

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Fjern PC/Bruger fra domæne UDEN at miste bruger data (Outlook profil m.m.) #92
Nedenfor angivet "tråden" som angiveligt skulle løse problemet, har pt. ikke testet løsningen endnu. Tråden er fundet her:

11/12/06 03:23 PM,ID: 18119046
Use the file and settings transfer wizard.

Start > Run > mgwiz.exe

Copy all of the settings to a folder on the local drive,
remove the system from the domain.
reboot the system and log on.
If you're settings are missing, you can restore them from the file and settings transfer wizard.


11/12/06 03:25 PM,ID: 18119068
By copying the local copy of the domain user profile over a local user profile (if you do it before removing machine from domain you can use the copyto feature in system properties, advanced tab, user profiles button. You'll need to have logged on as local user first so its profile is created, and you'll need to do the copyto from a third, administrative user).
11/12/06 03:28 PM,ID: 18119086
PS. Check in local user that everything you want has been copied - I've seen it miss email stuff, so you might need to manually copy the .pst file for example).
11/12/06 03:32 PM,ID: 18119124

Windows can't find mgwiz.exe, I even searched the hard drive and nothing. I'm on XP SP2, should it be on here?

When I highlight HOME\Myusername (the domain user profile) "Copy To" is grayed out.

Any other ideas?

11/12/06 03:33 PM,ID: 18119138

It looks like I can "Copy To" the Administrator local account, but that won't help me out.
11/12/06 03:38 PM,ID: 18119177
that's because I typed it wrong.... sorry.

11/12/06 04:55 PM,ID: 18119574
migwiz.exe = awesome!
11/12/06 05:01 PM,ID: 18119595
Glad I was able to be of assistance.

Thanks for the points.



13/12/06 04:27 PM,ID: 18135368
Looks like you're sorted with file & settings transfer. Just (re)mention that to use my method, you have to have to have created and logged into the new local user account (which will create a profile) before logging on as Administrator and using copyto.Otherwise there will be no destination to copy to!
2 years 2 months ago

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